​The cremation chamber is vacuumed clean. This process is done to make sure there are no pet cremains left in the chamber. In a private cremation there is only one pet in the chamber. All paperwork and ID tags are checked very carefully. The pet is then gently and respectfully placed in the cremator. After the cremation process, the Cremains are processed and put into a complimentary wooden urn. A certificate is provided along with a sympathy card.

​​Pets are cremated with other pets at the same time. This service is for pet owners who do not want the cremated remains returned, but still want final care and dignity for their loved one.

​Pet owners can be present for this cremation service. Seacoast Pet Crematory has a private viewing room that the owner can view their pet being placed into the cremator. This service is by appointment only.

​Seacoast Pet Crematory has an agreement with Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery in Stratham, NH. Seacoast Pet Crematory will transport the pet free of charge to Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery. Arrangements must be made directly with Rolling Meadows.

Seacoast​​ Pet Crematory will pick up pets and deliver cremains to veterinary clinics as many times as needed. Delivery times for return of cremains is 2 business days. Emergency pick ups are available after hours, weekends & holidays.
To Live in the Hearts of Those We Love is Not to Die
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Seacoast Pet Crematory offers a state of the art facility. Conveniently located in Greenland, New Hampshire. Our facility has been carefully designed to meet the needs of Veterinarian Hospitals and pet owners. Seacoast Pet Crematory guarantees a 2 day return on pet remains in a beautiful complimentary wooden urn.