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     Many pet parents are faced with a tough decision regarding end of life care for their beloved pet. Preplanning can help with anxiety and stress during this time. Many pet parents don't like the thought of their beloved pet being placed in a freezer until they are picked up and brought to a crematory. We are taking that anxiety and stress away from families and offering peace of mind in our crematory.
    ​ A licensed veterinarian will walk you through the process of euthanasia here at Seacoast Pet Crematory. We will provide a peaceful & comfortable setting for you and your pet’s final goodbyes. After the euthanasia process we then start the cremation process. Families can wait in our viewing room during the process and be able to take their pet home within hours. It brings comfort to families to know their pet is safe, not traveling or frozen at this time.
     ​Please call us for pricing and further information regarding cremation & euthanasia. Planning ahead is one of the best decisions for you and your beloved pet.

Euthanasia Service 
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